1. rapiddescent:

    Happy Birthday David Tennant!

    Just going to leave this here.


  2. meag-an:


    think about what your dog would say to you if he knew how much you hated yourself

    this just changed my life

    oh feels

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  3. look-anew-url-again:

    I was watching this like “I am so fucking done with this website” AND THEN IT WAS STEPHEN COLBERT

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  4. Entering a fandom


    You know it might end up ruing your life but…



    and once you’re in…


    And everyone already inside says…




    And you try and laugh it off like…


    and then it takes a hold of you…


    And then you realize you’ve either made the best decision or worse decision of your life…


    And you learn what real FEELS are…



  5. coketalk:

    Daunting Friend - Lost In the Trees

    How’s everyone feeling this evening?

  6. sunflower-mama:



    As creepy as it may be for the owner when cats come home with dead animals/insects, you cannot get mad at them. In fact, praise them, tell them thank you. Because when a cat kills an animal for you, it means they love you, and are eternally grateful for the life you’ve given them. It’s the most honorable thing you could possibly receive from your kitty.

    Cats are hardcore as fuck


    "I love you so much I killed this for you”

    It’s also cause they think you’re terrible hunters and think you’ll starve if they don’t help you

    My cat had a different approach.  She would kill an animal, make the effort to bring it to our back door, and then apparently she would get impatient waiting for us/decide we didn’t matter.  So, she would just start eating it herself right there.  I’d open the door and there at my feet would be half a squirrel carcass, and my cat’s face would be covered in blood, and she would just look up at me like, “You were late, bitch” and then go back to her feast.

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  7. chappaai-trekker:


    motherfucker what is this shit, sand? fuck sand. i hate sand. thanks, mom. thanks for absolutely nothing, leaving me here on this fucking beach, is that a fucking seagull? oh my god, mom, you suck more than anything has ever sucked. i’m getting to that ocean just so i can urinate on your carapace. i’m gonna urinate on it so hard. fucking sand. i think five of my brothers just got eaten. good, i hated those assholes. i’m coming, mom. you’ve got blood on your flippers, bitch.

    Pissed off, vengeful turtle is my favorite!

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  8. tardis-mind-palace:

    The three stages of doing homework

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  9. Apparently I'm doing a 5k.

    1. Roommate: Do you want to run 3 miles with me? It's this charity thing in June. There will be glowsticks.
    2. Me: Do you think that's enough time to prepare for three miles?
    3. Roommate: ...it's April.
    4. Me: Oh.
    5. Me:
    6. Me: My question still stands.
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  11. New life goal: go to New Zealand on one of their working holiday visa things and ride horses in the wilderness for a year.


  12. accioguitardis:



    how much do islands cost i want one

    Less than a college education


    what the fuck

    haaahahaha haha. ha ha. ha. halp.

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  13. kinkyturtle:



    Willow Smith’s crop top style.

    That girl is going to slay the game in a few years, watch. She is going to be the new supermodel.

    willow smith has been killin it since she was like 8, she’s so amazing

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  14. maybeedmonton:

    When Kathleen Andrews became Edmonton’s first female bus driver in 1975, there were no female bathrooms in the bus depots and no radios on any of the buses.

    So Andrews carried a dime in her pocket for emergency calls in phone booths, used the male manager’s private bathroom and picked up the tradition of waving to other passing bus drivers as a signal she was safe.

    She faced drunken louts trying to pick her up, male colleagues who questioned her ability to drive and passengers who refused to get onto her bus because she was a woman driver. But Andrews stuck it out behind the steering wheel for three years before moving up the ranks, becoming a pioneer at Edmonton Transit Services while working to bring in a stable income for her two children.”

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